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Join us for 7 days of mindful movement, wellness and nutrition in the foothills of the Algarve, Portugal

Our luxury Reset Wellbeing Retreat is designed for busy people looking for an opportunity to disconnect from the hustle and bustle, to relax, rewind, and come home to themselves, to nourish their mind, body and soul.


Mindful movement
Reset your body and mind

A typical day begins with a dose of sunrise flow yoga to wake the body and help you feel energised (this is suitable for all levels, even beginners). Then there are workshops for meditation and mindfulness, restorative guided walks to help you feel at one with your natural surroundings, and fitness classes and dancing. In the evening we take a gentle practice together to help prepare for a restorative sleep. We want to provide you with tools to help you reset your body and mind both on the retreat, but also when you’re back home, so you feel the benefits for months afterwards.

Juices and nutrition workshops
Cleanse and rest your inner systems

Our qualified nutritionist will prepare a delicious menu of 3 different juices each day, and soup in the evening to nourish and energise your body. You won’t be hungry. You’ll experience what it feels like to live on fresh, nutrient-dense food, and to give yourself a break from the food we choose as part of busy, fast-paced lives. During the week there will be nutrition workshops, and on the final day we hold a practical workshop, where you’ll create and eat what we’ve made together. You’ll be able to take this knowledge home so you can continue to nourish yourself after you leave.

Rest and relaxation
Let your stress wash away

While movement and fitness is important, so is rest. There is huge potential for healing when the mind and body connect, so we invite you to reset both by sinking into warm, natural surroundings where you can detox from your normal environment, forget about your day-to-day, and enjoy taking things a little more slowly. You can spend time with others or on your own, swimming, sunbathing, or treating yourself to a soothing massage to melt your cares away. Alternatively, why not take some self-refection time, allow space for practicing gratitude, or use the opportunity to take up journaling?


Mountain hideaway

This luxury retreat has arisen from the ruins of an abandoned mountain village in the foothills of the Algarve in Portugal and is surrounded in a protected nature site. There are no cars, roads, houses, or people as far as the eye can see. Just breathtaking 360 degree views, peace and serenity. And yet it’s just 30 minutes from Faro airport - so it couldn’t be easier for you to get here.


Your 7-day Reset Wellbeing Retreat is just £1,475


What’s included

  • 6 nights accommodation

  • Restorative flow yoga and pilates

  • 3 delicious juices a day

  • 1 homemade nutritious soup

  • Guided meditation

  • Mindfulness and EFT talks

  • Journaling activities

  • Fitness and dance

  • Beautiful walks of varying lengths

  • Nutrition talks and workshops

  • A beautiful location in the mountains with amazing sunsets and sunrises

  • Plenty of rest and relaxation time

  • A truly very special place where you will be cared for, nourished and supported


What’s not included, and extras to budget for

  • Flights to Faro airport and transfers to the retreat aren’t included

  • Luxurious body treatments such as deep tissue massage

  • One-to-one private yoga, pilates and fitness sessions


Find out more

If you’re ready to book, or would like to know more, please email Joanne


Relaxation guaranteed

The venue has recently undergone a 2-year restoration project to transform it into a luxury health and wellness retreat. 

The accommodation comprises shared rooms, all ensuite, with air conditioning. There is an infinity pool and first-class yoga studio facilities offering panoramic views of your secluded mountain sanctuary. Wifi is available but restricted to private places away from communal areas.

We have just 20 spaces on each retreat, which helps to create a tranquil, calm environment where everyone is invited to switch off.

Joanne Mullen Retreats
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Meet your special guests and teachers

Andrew Finlay, nutritional therapist

Having lost his father at 54 to cancer, Andrew woke up to the power of nutrition and preventive health care while going on retreats in 2013. He quit his London job in 2015 and retrained at the College of Naturopathic Medicine for 3 years in London, at the same time doing his yoga teacher training.

With the help of his wife Erika, Andrew collaborates on nutrition-based retreats that aim to send people home with an education on wellness, not just a suntan and rebooted immune system!  

Andrew says: “There are a number of core foundations needed to ensure the maximum protection from chronic disease: reduced stress, an increase in nutritious, plant-based food, removal of processed food and toxins, more exercise and most importantly a life that makes you happy. If you’re not ticking these boxes, something has to change.”

Andrew also holds a Degree in Environmental Science and Masters Degree in Tropical Coastal Management and is a Chartered Marine Scientist and PADI Divemaster. 


Meet your host, Joanne Mullen

Joanne has transformed her life to a life she loves. She is a Wellbeing Mentor and Mindset ,Meditation teacher, Life Coach and has qualifications in Pilates, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Neuro Linguistic Programming including Clinical Hypnotherapy.  But her skills and experience extend well beyond health and wellness.

She also provides business transformation and improvement consultancy, including strategic wellbeing in the work place, executive coaching and mentoring to business executives such as owners of financial planning practices and their people. Here she explains the inspiration behind Reset Retreats:

“You only have one life: I believe it has to be meaningful , fulfilling and you need to make it count. Having been on the corporate ladder and run my own businesses for most of my career, at the same time as juggling life’s challenges, loss, grief and trauma, I know what it’s like to spend too much time running away as well as being trapped on that hamster wheel. You feel disconnected from the real ‘you’, before you realise - too late - that it’s time to come off.

Through a combination of mindful movement - such as yoga and pilates - meditation, and visiting numerous retreats worldwide, I’ve learnt some of the best tools and methods to help others to go inwards, reconnect with their true selves and really listen to their bodies and inner wisdom. I can help people learn how to tune in, build their own defences, reducing stress, anxiety and depression, and overcome life’s challenges before they do serious harm.

If I can help one person to get the same place of fulfilment and spark their inner joy that I have, sooner rather than later, then it’s worth it. That’s why I’m hosting the Reset Retreat in Portugal and the Summer Solstice Retreat by the Sea in the U.K - to share my experience, wisdom and ideas with others who are looking to come home to themselves, reconnect with the simpler things, but also reset themselves so that they’re equipped with tools and techniques they can take back with them to everyday life.”

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Sara Harbert, yoga teacher

Discovering yoga in her twenties, Sara Harbert is passionate about helping yogis on their path to physical and spiritual well-being.  

With her background in choreography, she leads a dynamic vinyasa flow class while encouraging a safe and healing environment, offering modifications and guiding yogis of all abilities. 

She strives to find balance between strength, flexibility, and mindfulness in every asana practice. She looks forward to teaching a morning vinyasa flow class and a restorative practice in the evenings.

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Emma Johnson

Is a fully qualified EFT Practitioner, Trainer and Mentor as well as a Reiki Master and holding qualifications in Acupressure, Aromatherapy and a life long love affair with natural products and treatments.

Emma uses energy medicine to help people to have a peaceful mind and therefore a peaceful life.


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Your mind is your instrument. Learn to be its master and not its slave.
— Remez Sasson